Mexico Joins International Esports Movement

Sunday, 01 July 2018 03:56

FNDEM (Federación Nacional de Deportes Electrónicos México). 47th member of International Esports Federation


Mexico Esports National Federation (FNDEM: Federación Nacional de Deportes Electrónicos) has now become a new member of International Esports Federation (IESF).

Following the IESF Board meeting on June 25th, FNDEM has been fully evaluated and approved as the 47th member of IESF, becoming the third recognized National Federation American Continent.

To establish a strong and sustainable federation, FNDEM and Korea e-sports association (KeSPA) has signed on MOU agreement earlier this year, to share and exchange its experience and resources to promote esports as a fully accredited sports.

“It is an extreme honor to know that IESF has accepted Mexico,” said Mr. Woong Lee, the president of FNDEM. “The FNDEM will promise to abide by the laws of IESF and always contribute to maintain a fair and competitive environment of electronic sports.”

IESF will support FNDEM to enhance within Mexico and also engage together to further develop the International Esports movement.