Iran Esports Academy

Wednesday, 28 February 2018 09:48

Iran launched eSports Academy


The Esports in Iran has been recognized in 2006 in Sport Ministry. Sport Games like Football, Car Racing, Counter Strike, Strategic Games: World of Warcrafts, Star Craft, League of Legends, DotA All-Stars, alongside of full audience of Fun Games, Mobile Games or Games under the Console devise: Xbox, PS3 have so many audiences in Iran.

In Iran we launched the Iranian Esports National Academy with the purpose of full utilization of Esports and this Academy could work under the IESF administrative policies in Iran. We consider 5 big goals for this Academy and invite interested IESF members and IESF Board for cooperation:


1- Training for refereeing, coaching, broadcasting.
2- Training for developing and designing Games, Engineering Game Equipments by the support of International and Iranian Universities.
3- Launching database for Iranian players and organizing professional, amateur athletes and players for fun.
4- Organizing and supporting Game nets and holding different courses
5- Organizing online games, under console, smart phones and PCs